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Our Story

Origin Story

In late 2018, our visionary founders, Jude and Sue recognised the profound desire and necessity for women to reclaim their personal time and find solace amidst the chaos of their daily lives. Thus, the extraordinary creation known as The Alchemy of Woman Retreat was brought into existence. We believe in the power of women supporting women and fostering genuine connections.

From our very first retreat in the enchanting lands of Bali in May 2019, a phenomenon occurred that exceeded all expectations: This incredible retreat was mirrored once again with our Lysterfield retreat in May 2021, attracting amazing women wanting more for their lives. The grandeur continued as our Uluru retreat in May 2023 became an unforgettable spectacle, attended by an incredible gathering of 33 remarkable women. Our next retreat to beautiful Ubud Bali is sure to once again surpass all of our expectations. 

Immerse yourself in the serene and captivating ambiance of our retreats, where each guest is granted precious moments of respite and an opportunity for profound self-reflection. Surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, you will experience a harmonious blend of transformative workshops, captivating excursions, and ample free time for personal exploration. The delicate balance we strike between structured activities and unhurried leisure is what sets us apart.

Recognising the vital importance of holistic well-being, we have meticulously crafted an environment that nourishes your physical, emotional, and mental health. At The Alchemy of Woman, we understand that true vitality and harmony require continuous dedication and practice. With our expert guidance and the idyllic backdrop we provide, you will embark on a transformative journey to strengthen your body, invigorate your mind, and nurture your soul. Moreover, this path is enriched by the profound connections you will forge with other extraordinary souls who share your quest for personal growth.

The question that beckons you now is whether you are ready to seize this incredible opportunity, to join us in filling your cup to the brim. Together, we shall embark on a remarkable voyage of self-discovery and profound rejuvenation. The Alchemy of Woman Retreat awaits your arrival, ready to empower and uplift you in ways you never thought possible.


Meet us

WOMB – Jude Downes

Keeper of whispers;
Stories of a lifetime lived,
with all the highs and lows, pain and joys.

Sacred vessel, holder of dreams,
creator of miracles in our physical world

Keeper of mysteries and sacred wisdom.
Portals to other realms.
Birthing ideas and knowledge, beyond ordinary knowing

Realm of sacred woman,
opening to explore new worlds.
A door closes; healing begins,
Sacred space carved from the soft fabric of woman

Healing ancient wounds,
Dissolving heartache,
Surrendering her powerlessness to the Goddess

Reclaiming her power,
Remembering her journey as woman,
weaving her threads into a new pattern; witnessing a new view of life

Weathering storms lifetime after lifetime.
Now she says ‘ENOUGH!’ ‘Be all you are – never a shadow of those
who seek to keep you down’

Strong, vulnerable, so often misunderstood,
Misrepresented as a lesser being

Power beyond human measure,
Sacred... loving... purposeful... and now... healed... xx

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